Hush Hush

Ooze 12 inch single
12" & digital

Dyssembler is proud to present the "Ooze 12-inch Single" by Berlin's Hush Hush. "Ooze" is the culmination of the artist's original song cycle - peak-hour R&B with a driving horn melody – "Ooze" is perhaps the first real backdoor man jam of the 21st century; a true booty track. This single presents the original with three very diverse remixes from Yeasayer's Chris Keating, M.E.S.H. and dj Your Body.

A consummate performer, Hush Hush is just one of the many aliases of Chris Kline, who you might also know from his industrial/wave project, Gemeine Gesteine, or from the costumed and ritually-inclined collective Wooden Veil. Most recently he co-opened the gallery Kinderhook & Caracas.

A1. Ooze (Original)
A2. (Your Body's) Ooztep Dub
B1. Ooze (Secular Mix by Chris Keating/Yeasayer)
B2. Ooze (Athletic Mix by M.E.S.H.)

DYSS001 12" vinyl & digital